Birth, life and history of our HY van

Our Citroen HY van was born in France in April of 1970. It has spent next 20 years with one family in rural France used daily by their owners running small business. It was then sold to another family who owned and used it until summer of 2012. At that time it was already rusty metal box with engine problems and it ended up in barn until we found it and purchased it in 2014.

Rusty corrugated van

Van was brought to UK with lots of rotten and rusty panels, problem with engine and many other issues that you would expect for 45 years old vehicle to have.

Catering hatch and internal construction

Next step was cutting out full length catering/serving hatch and internal construction and shelves. Lots of cutting, welding, adjusting and fitting gas struts and waterproof hinges to hold this big window.

Rust removal and preparation

Van was then sent to body shop where preparation for new paintwork started. It took good few weeks to sort out all dents and rust and removal of original paint.

Conversion and restoration

Those vans were not designed to transport anything big or high and have quite low ceiling. First step of conversion and restoration was to extend roof height so we can stand up inside without any problems.

Body shop and new colour

As we decided to have 2 colours on our new van it started with top of the van receiving new fresh layers of paint, followed by rest of the van.

Cream colour and assembly

Second colour was applied and time for putting all panels back on. Catering hatch, 2 rear doors, top rear door, sliding door, 2 front doors, engine cover etc.

Installation of gas, water & electricity

Van was then sent to another company who installed all gas, electric and water pipes and wiring including lightning.

Work completed

Finally back with us, finished product, van that you see today on streets of Reading, Henley and rest of the Berkshire, Oxfordshire and South East is our charming catering and branding Citroen HY van.